Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing connecting consumers and advertisers. Through our brand-direct and marketplace campaigns, DM increases consumer access to branded products, services, promotions and savings while removing friction from the advertising ecosystem by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and place

Interactive campaigns; Online reputation management; Paid search marketing; Radio advertising; SEO marketing; Social media marketing; Website

Digital Media Brand-Direct Solutions

Digital Media brand-direct solutions result in one-to-one relationships between consumers and brands. Leveraging the DMS toolset, including our first-party data asset, our proprietary technology and our expansive media reach, DMS brand-direct solutions are advertiser-branded campaigns targeted to high-intent consumers.

  • One-To-One Solution: One consumer connected to one advertiser client
  • Advertiser-Branded Campaigns: Ads and creative elements branded based on advertiser client specifications
  • Customized Programs: Campaigns built to achieve or exceed unique advertiser client KPIs
  • Pay-For-Performance Model: DMS controls advertising spend across digital channels, delivering customers and near customers to the advertiser client